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Ultimate MainStage Collection 4 Released!!!

Only requires MainStage!

Ultimate MainStage Collection 4

A collection of 30 all new sample based patches. It includes all new patches from Hillsong's The Peace Project as well as the main patch used for Young & Free's song Real Love! It also comes with 15 FREE Bonus Multis for Complete Worship Bundle users!!!



This Is Living - Synth Bass

I've just started a new series of 'Song Tutorial Videos'. If you want to make sure you don't miss any of them Subscribe to my YouTube Channel below!

Analog Christmas Bundle

A Massive Omnisphere Bundle of patches I used on Hillsong's Christmas Album - The Peace Project. It contains 20 Multi's, 188 Patches and 144 all new soundsources including all new Analog OB6 and Prophet 12 samples!!! These patches work great for all types of worship songs and not just Christmas songs.

Complete Worship Bundle

This product was designed as a complete ALL-IN-ONE MainStage bundle for Worship. It contains Pianos, Rhodes, Organs, Pads, Leads, Strings, ARP and Rhythmic Patches etc and covers all Praise and Worship styles in one easy to use MainStage Template!
For more information check out the links below:

Ultimate Piano Collection

A collection of Piano and Reverb combinations for MainStage covering everything from 'Dark & Intimate' to 'Bright & Compressed'. These Piano patches have been used on a lot of Hillsong albums over the years and are still being used today both live and on recent Hillsong albums.

Hillsong Keys Masterclasses

I recently taught two Keyboard Masterclasses at Hillsong Church for our Keys players both locally and internationally.



Youth Revival Sounds

This product contains all of Jack McGrath & Tim Koziol’s keyboard patches used on the new Young & Free - Youth Revival album!

Ultimate VintageVerb & Shimmer Collection

I had the privilege of partnering with two of our Young & Free keyboard players to bring you these Valhalla Reverb presets used on Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United and Young & Free albums!
These reverb presets contain especially designed reverb settings from our Hillsong Albums for Pianos, Rhodes, Basses, ARP’s, Leads, Pads & much more.

Ultimate Analog Collection 2

Ultimate Analog Collection 2 for MainStage & Logic X contains 116 sampled Analog Patches from my Dave Smith's OB6. A huge number of these patches were used on the Hillsong Worship Album 'Let There Be Light' and I've even included additional Moog Sub 37 samples used on the album so you can get the exact Sub Bass sound used. I've also included additional patches sampled through my BigSky, Line6 and MoogerFooger Ring Modulation pedals so you can get everything from Warm Mellow Pads to Bright Shimmer Pads & Clean to Overdriven Basses and ARPS, plus a whole lot more!

Analog Dreams

Analog Dreams for Omnisphere contains a total of 125 Patches, 28 Multis and 64 all new sampled soundsources. It also includes patches used on the recently released Hillsong Album - Let There Be Light



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