For a limited time I’m offering two services. An Online Gear Hiring Service and a Producing Service.

I know not everyone can physically come to my studio in Sydney Australia and have me help them create great sounding tracks through great sounding gear, which is why I’m offering an online service where you can access all of my gear and ‘know how’ internationally.



Send me your Audio and/or Midi files and I will process your tracks through any of my gear! Whether you are after Warm Analog Dave Smith OB6 Pad sound or a beautiful Shimmer Reverb Effect for your pre-recorded Guitar track, I’ve got it covered. I can even help you get ‘That Sound’ you may have heard on a specific song or album.


1/ Make a selection(s) from my Gear List. e.g. Dave Smith OB6 & Strymon BigSky. Or let me suggest gear based on a specific song or sound you want. (A minimum transition amount of $25usd is required per job)

2/ Collect as much information as you can about sound direction. Reference Track(s) eg. Synth Bass sound heard on ‘Let there be Light’ – Hillsong Worship. Rough audio demo of track through a plugin with a similar sound etc. (Remember I’m not a mind reader so the more information the better!)

3/ Email me with all this information to [email protected] including any Dropbox links, audio/midi files etc

4/ Pay the 50% deposit through Paypal’s secure online payment system.

5/ I will work with you via email and send you mp3 references of sounds so you can approve or give further direction.

6/ When you are happy with the result I’ll send you a final Paypal invoice for the remaining 50%.

7/ Once paid I’ll send you the full quality WAV files.

Easy 🙂



I am now available as a Producer for your music projects. Whether you are just wanting me to add some additional Piano/Keys layers to existing tracks or have me produce a full track from start to finish I can help you with that.

For more information and a quote please email me at [email protected].